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DateCommit messageAuthor
2020-12-19 10:43style: add dark modeTobias Bengfort
2020-11-26 20:43optimize video sourcesTobias Bengfort
2020-10-13 10:18wrap comment replies in <details>Tobias Bengfort
2020-10-12 06:31fix raw_json precedenceTobias Bengfort
2020-08-04 18:40tweak gunicornTobias Bengfort
2020-07-30 12:25fix comments in listingsTobias Bengfort
2020-07-30 12:24fix template nestingTobias Bengfort
2020-07-26 06:23forward upstream errorsTobias Bengfort
2020-07-25 17:15avoid double audio in case video does have soundTobias Bengfort
2020-07-25 15:35switch deployment methodTobias Bengfort
2020-07-25 15:25deploymentTobias Bengfort
2020-07-25 14:12tweakTobias Bengfort
2020-07-24 22:00video audioTobias Bengfort
2020-07-24 18:51pause video on scrollTobias Bengfort
2020-07-23 09:52initTobias Bengfort